Greetings everyone!

The Solstice has come and gone and I hope you are enjoying beautiful end-of-September weather.

My summer was fruitful, and fall brings a new look with a new name (look up top!) and a new commitment to serving you in a higher way than before.

No matter where you are on the curve of wellness and life growth, no matter what your story, it always comes down to this question ~

Where are you now, where do you want to be and how are you going to get there with joy and purpose?

But here’s the thing. When you don’t have good health to sustain your involvement in life, it can be nearly, if not completely, impossible to move forward. I’ve been there and I get it, and I will be offering more targeted support for facing difficult health challenges ~ you’ll find it in newsletter and blog articles, in teleseminars and in Thrive training sessions.

How did I decide on Thrive?  I think it decided on me!

One night I woke up from a sound sleep with the word thrive  in my mind. I thought, “Mmmm … I like that word,” and turned over to go back to sleep. But a voice inside said “This is important!”

Well, I got up … because I’ve learned to trust that voice … and I wrote down thrive so I wouldn’t forget it and then I went back to sleep. The next day I spent some time playing with it and after awhile this is what I was looking at:


T   Take charge of your life and your healing
H   Have a conversation with your body and really listen
R   Relax and transform your stress into renewable, healing energy
I    Imagine perfect health is possible for you
V   Visualize your wellness and inspire your body to heal itself
E   Expect the healing you want and know you deserve it

A beautiful illustration of what I’m so passionate about sharing with people! And I can’t wait to share more with you soon.

But first …  a special offer in celebration of Thrive!  See it here.