Letting Go – We Would if We Could!

How often do you read that letting go is the answer? Or someone tells you “Just let go of that, you’ll feel so much better!” Or happier, or lighter, or more relaxed … more of whatever you’re not feeling now.

We KNOW letting go is the way to move forward. And we would if we could. But sometimes we get stuck holding on.

Maybe it’s something material or maybe it’s an emotion, a reaction you want to move through your body and up on out. What can you do right now?

How about instead of trying to let it go you just let it be? Let it live in you with awareness. And to heighten your awareness try giving it form … draw it, dance it, sing it, write it.

And then turn your attention elsewhere. Instead of struggling to let go so you can feel lighter and happier, do something that helps you get to that joyful, playful, light-hearted place NOW.

Do the things that make you feel lighter NOW and enjoy those feelings now. You might even find that whatever you want to let go of starts to get lighter and lighter until it lifts off by itself!

How to do this?

My personal favorite for fun, insight and getting out of your worry-mind is to make art with no rules the way you did when you were a kid. If you want help getting started sign up for my free Virtual Mini Retreat (on the right side of this page). It has a great activity that will get you playing with crayons : )

What else can you do?

Get your body moving. Play baseball or volleyball, go for a swim, dance! or go for a walk. Walking is amazing in its ability to move us forward. Tangled thoughts get sorted out and wild emotions settle down so we can think straight again.

Play with a child, giggle and be silly. It’s a great way to get into your heart and into the moment and stop fretting.

Spend time with a pet and really get into your non-verbal communication. It’s another great way to get out of your head and into the moment.

I’m sure you can think of more. Whatever makes you feel good and helps you forget your SERIOUS self for awhile is what you’re looking for.

It’s about having fun BEFORE things work out, before we let go, before we have everything arranged just right, and doing it NOW because now is the only moment we have, after all.

I’m No Artist


Anyone who knows me could tell you I like playing with art supplies. I’m no artist, but I love bright colored pens and crayons, crinkly paper and glue, all the things that kindergarten children know exactly what to do with!

When we play, we let go of the outside world for awhile. Sometimes we forget ourselves completely and just have fun. Other times we tune in with ourselves and find expression for thoughts and feelings that are difficult to express in other ways, things we don’t have words for, even thoughts and feelings we weren’t aware of.

This kind of play supports the spirit. We exercise our basic need for healthy self-expression, and create things that please our aesthetic sense. Tune in with ourselves and find expression for thoughts and feelings that are difficult to express in other ways, things we don’t have words for, even thoughts and feelings we weren’t aware of.

I enjoy art exercises that offer self-reflection and creative self-expression. I’ll be posting them here from time to time, the first one next week. If you would like to join me, below are some basic supplies you can have on hand.  

What you need

You can find these things at an art or craft store, some items are probably in your local drugstore or supermarket, some you will have around your house. The list is a starting place, add anything that strikes your fancy.

  • Felt pens and/or oil pastels (for their vibrant colors)
  • Pencils (colored or regular for fine lines)
  • Tempera paints (as in children’s paint sets)
  • Face paints  
  • Plain paper
  • Coloured paper
  • Poster board
  • White glue
  • If you like shiny, sparkly things get glitter (often in shake-able containers) 
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Old magazines

Stop by the office of your local newspaper and ask about “end rolls”. These are the rolls of blank paper that get pulled off at the end of a print run. Most newspapers sell them, and what you’ll receive is a large roll of blank newspaper for just a dollar or two. An inexpensive way to get lots of paper that can be cut to whatever size you need. 

Getting Started

When you’ve gathered your box of goodies, spend some time getting to know your supplies. Experiment with color, texture, sparkle, to get the feel of playing in this new way. Remember this is about self-expression, not being an artist, and don’t worry about how it is supposed to look. There is no right way, only your way. Relax and have fun with it.

Albert Einstein said, “To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play.” If you’re not sure how to get started, then share your box of goodies with a child and follow along. Children have no trouble with play!