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There is love in every moment whether we know it or not. 

When we open our hearts and minds we see it in everyone we pass, we hear it in the sound of voices, we feel it in the water and the wind.

When we step outside of fear, attachment and selfish concern we connect with the love in everything.

Love Loves Love! 

Do you ever find yourself trying to be someone you’re not? Most of us have, and it usually means we’re trying to please someone who wants us to be different than we are. It’s very stressful! 

Be yourself. Anything less leaves the world bereft of your talents and special ways of looking at life. 

Love Loves Love! 

Go within and gently sit beside your heart’s desire. Ask how it wants to come to you and then listen carefully.

It might tell you when to expect it or how you can help; maybe it will tell you it wants to come gently or it wants to come with a big splash!

If it says nothing at all, let it know you’ll be back to listen another time. Now be open to all the possible ways your heart’s desire might manifest.

Love IS all around!