Making Friends with your Body


I love this picture because it gives me a warm, happy feeling about my immune cells. When I look at this picture I can easily imagine they’re on my side. They’re part of my team, they’re willing, they’re open and they’re ready to help.

I used to see my cells in black and white. Sort of disembodied parts of myself that I hoped would do the job. I would talk to them but I wasn’t sure if they were listening. I was afraid of what they would or wouldn’t do next. It’s like they weren’t a part of me at all!

And I was petrified when I realized our immune cells are responding to every single thought we have, becoming sluggish with negative thoughts and more active with positive thoughts.

So it was an important moment for me when I realized my immune system is friendly. It wants to help. We’re on the same team and my cells don’t hold me responsible for every accidental negative thought I have.

In fact, the more I become aware of my own negativity the less my body responds to it. Being aware of our negative thoughts brings them into the open air, into the light of day, and when we look at them with awareness they lose their power.

So give yourself a big, helping, healing hand by paying attention to your thoughts. Notice your positive thoughts and appreciate them. Observe your negative thoughts and don’t worry about them.

And get reconnected with your body.

I say RE-connected, since you and your body are never really separate, and what you want is to get back in touch with the connection that’s always there. Here are three steps to help get you and your body reconnected so you’re on the same team.

How to Make Friends with Your Body

  1. Have a conversation with your body, with your cells, with your symptoms. And don’t just talk, but also listen carefully. You’re partners in this relationship. Ask, “What do you want me to do to help resolve the health issues we’re facing?” Or, “What do you want me to know?”

  3. Now wait for a thought or impulse or intuition that seems like part of the converstion. Don’t be surprised if it makes no sense at first. If you’re not sure what it means, ask more questions.When you have an actual conversation, your body can tell you things you need to know to move forward in resolving issues in your life that affect your health and happiness.

  5. Write about your conversations in a journal because, once you’re back in the “ordinary reality” of your day, these talks usually feel dreamlike and your day-to-day mind may convince you they’re not important. Or you’ll forget them completely the way we forget dreams.

  7. Take action on the things you learned! This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how easy it is to forget the part about taking action. Make a note and do it, whatever “it” is.

As in any important relationship, listen carefully, remember the impact of the conversation and take action on what you learn.

The more you accept your body as a friend and team-mate, and the more you move into full relationship with your body, the more you’ll find it’s a very supportive friend, indeed.

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