I won’t be needing you anymore

Dear Negativity, thanks for the help, but things have changed. (Tweet this!)

I used to wonder if affirmations could actually work. For a long time. I saw them only as band-aids on my simmering, negative thoughts. I decided that affirmations were too superficial for someone with my level of negativity.

Oh, how important I considered myself and my negativity!

Then one day it occurred to me that new, positive thoughts were only a band-aid if I IGNORED the negative thoughts and attempted to COVER THEM UP  with affirmations.

Just like that, I wasn’t afraid of those thoughts anymore.

I began looking negativity in the eye and saying, “Thanks. I’m sure you once had a purpose in my life, but things have changed and I won’t be needing you any more.”

Now I started to feel a subtle shift when I replaced one thought with another. It was becoming a practice. I didn’t worry that the same negativity might appear again. I knew it would! But I also knew my practice was weakening those thought patterns and step by step they would be eliminated.

This is how positive affirmations work. It’s joyful and it’s work. And it works! 

Love Loves Love! 

Mayana Devi

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