How I Learned about Mind-Body Healing

It was 30 years ago, and I had a back injury that stopped me having much of a life. I couldn’t work or do everyday things like drive, carry my baby or even do my own dishes!

I spent much of my pregnancy on bedrest, and a few months after my baby was born I had major surgery to correct the problem. It was exciting to think I would be up and around again! But that didn’t happen, and doctors couldn’t explain why I didn’t recover.

Eventually I realized it was up to me to find my own healing if I ever wanted to have a normal life again.

In my search for answers I met a healer, and was inspired by her story of personal healing after the Mayo Clinic told her there was no hope. From her I learned that there are many dimensions to getting well, and I knew if she could do it then I could too.

And I did. With her help, along with my fast-growing library of self-healing books and the support of a doctor who finally believed me, I gradually got my life back and it was such a gift!

What goes around comes around, and I was quickly given an opportunity to pay it forward.

Soon after I recovered, my close neighbor was diagnosed with a benign, grapefruit-sized tumor in her belly. Denise’s doctor wanted to do surgery right away, but she asked him for one month and came to see me. She wanted to know what I had done to heal myself because she hoped to avoid surgery.

We had tea, chatted about it and I gave her a simple program that day. She didn’t mention it again so about six weeks later I was pretty curious, as the doctor’s one month deadline had come and gone. I asked her how it was going, and in her matter-of-fact way she said, “The growth is gone, completely gone.”

A truly inspiring story!

30 years later I am still awed and fascinated by the power of mind-body healing.

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