How Awareness Heals

How often do we hear that if we could just love everyone we would be happy, joyful, and yes… healthier. And being in a state of love all the time, well that would be amazing!

Hands up if you love everyone, all the time, no matter who, no matter what!

The truth is that for most of us this is a lofty goal that we’re working toward. To be in a place where we feel Universal Love move through us to the most difficult people, no matter who, no matter what. Most of us just aren’t there yet, or we’re there sometimes but not always.

Isn’t it a great feeling when we get there for even a moment? And then like a pendulum we swing back to “normal” and normal includes a whole range of feelings, both positive and negative.

If love and joy create happiness and health it’s just as true that harboring negative emotions brings unhappiness and ill-health. Anger, resentment, hate, fear… these things can make or keep us sick.

Knowing this, you probably want to feel as “up” as you can. You might even feel guilty and scared about your negative feelings because you’ve been told to “stay positive” so your body will receive the positive messages your cells needs for healing.

Or maybe you’re worried you’re creating bad karma or you’re scared about the Universal Law that says we bring into our life what we are most focused on. In other words, when we put out anger we’re going to get anger back, or when we put out fear, we’re going to attract into our life the very thing we’re afraid of.


Well … for most of us it’s just not possible to “stay positive” all the time, but here is the good news. You don’t have to wait to be fully expanded and in a constant state of gratitude to take the stress off your health and even your happiness!

The key is awareness. When you are aware of a negative feeling at the time you’re having it, that awareness removes the karmic effect… it changes the energy you’re sending into the universe, and it changes the messages your body is receiving.

The mind-body talk goes something like this: ”Look, I’m really, really angry (resentful/scared) right now and I don’t know how I’m going to get through it but I am going to do something, so you don’t need to take this on. I’m handling it.”

This is the message your body gets when you are aware and take responsibility for your feelings, whether you actually “say” those words consciously or not. And you can send a conscious message to your cells if you want to make your message feel more intentional … but you don’t have to.

I was once the Queen of anger and fear and I didn’t even know it, in fact I didn’t know how to recognize most of my feelings. But when I was a young mother healing my back, I gradually learned how to recognize my feelings and especially how to work through the difficult ones.

I know this road very well and it’s powerful medicine. I went from not even knowing what I was feeling, even though I was angry or scared a lot of the time, to being able to recognize my feelings as I was having them. And no matter where you are on the continuum of feeling-awareness, you can too.

Homework: Allow yourself to open to greater awareness of feelings. Know that negative thoughts and feelings will come and go and that it’s natural. Know that your moment of awareness IS the healing moment, the moment of magic, the moment that changes everything and makes growth possible.

And as for loving everyone? You don’t have to. Just don’t hate anyone, and if there’s someone you “don’t prefer” … accept them anyhow. Accept that as a human being they have a right to their life and a right to not be judged by you. Then whenever that person comes into your mind, think about your acceptance and then think about something else.

Mayana Devi

2 thoughts on “How Awareness Heals

  1. Hi Mayana. I am so glad I followed you here from Twitter. I was sitting at my computer trying to feel peace – ha! I scrolled down and you had tweeted something that spoke to me. See? I am not even sure what it was, but I read your post and just had to comment.

    I enjoyed the whole post as I am working on being more aware. My life has changed so much for the better in the past few years due to changes I have made, actions taken. All is going along quite peachy except for a few little odds and ends. I think your last line will help me so much with one of them. You said, “As for loving everyone? You don’t have to..think about your acceptance and then think about something else.” I have a situation in my life where taking those actions will really help. Instead of running them through my endless loop of unproductive thoughts, I will accept them and then choose to think of something else.

    So inspiring. Thank you.

  2. Hi Tammy,

    You’re so welcome. Thanks for the lovely message and I appreciate you reaching out to share how my work impacts you.

    Congratulations on creating some major change in your life, and I sure do understand how loose ends can hang on. Now is when the work becomes more and more subtle. Awareness and acceptance are powerful tools for transformation and simple to apply when the mind is ready. I am often amazed at the apparently miraculous results in my own life and the lives of clients.

    Have fun with it.

    Om Peace Love

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