Meditation on Love

Are you looking for ways to feel less pain and stress in your life and more peace and joy? You’re not alone.

Yoga is one of my go-to ways to create space for stress to slip away and the mind to become peaceful. It starts with asana, such a great way to start slowing down the mind as we focus on movement and breath. Then there’s meditation, yama and niyama and one of my greatest joys, chanting kirtan.

Let’s talk about meditation for a second. Through meditation we can train our easily distracted puppy-minds to be still and quiet, and experience more peace and less stress from the ups and downs of life. Through stillness your mind becomes calm, you experience the stress of life without feeling stressed, and you support your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Here is one of my favorites.

Meditation on Love and Compassion

  Picture a flame in your heart.

  See the flame filling your heart with the glow of light, love and compassion.

  Feel the glow spread outward from your heart, filling your whole body

  Now gradually fill the room… the building, your neighborhood, your city, your country, the world, the universe!

  When everything is filled with the glow of light, love and compassion, rest in that place for as long as you like.

Try doing this for five to ten minutes every day. How do you feel? What kind of difference does it make in your life?

2 thoughts on “Meditation on Love

  1. Hi Mayana – Love your reference to “puppy-minds,” though I must say, I sometimes, when I find myself taking myself and life too seriously, I wish I had more of a puppy mind. There is some wisdom in that too.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Jeffrey, I know what you mean! There are times when being a puppy is exactly what I need too. Uncomplicated, loving, in the moment, tail wagging. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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