Get Ready for a Miracle

Healing takes work. When it looks like someone healed instantly it doesn’t mean they didn’t do the work. More likely the healing you saw is one step of many, just like the overnight Hollywood success that didn’t really happen overnight, but began with years of study, hard work, even sacrifice.

It’s easy to understand the work and commitment that go into a Hollywood success.  But what does commitment have to do with thriving into health and life? Here’s the thing:

When you decide to take responsibility for your healing you commit to sticking with both the inner and outer work. You’re willing to face parts of yourself you don’t want to look at. You stick with it when you feel fear and uncertainty, or in the face of the seemingly impossible. You stick with it when it’s uncomfortable, when you don’t like what you see, when you don’t feel like it, when it’s hard. You stick with it.

When you accept your biggest challenge and commit to learn from it, I promise you your life will change. Your desire to learn will transform that challenge into your greatest opportunity, even your greatest joy!

Mind-body magic is not the same for everyone, because each person has unique needs and circumstances. But some things are universal … here are three steps to help you heal from the inside out:

  1. Look deeply into your emotional life and find everywhere you harbor negative feelings toward anyone or anything. Let them go, all at once or a little bit more every day.
  2. Spend time generating positive thoughts and attitudes. Think of things in your life that bring up feelings of appreciation, gratitude and love, and enjoy feeling it. Do this every day and the feelings will grow stronger. Not only will you feel great but it will get easier and easier to let go of negative thoughts and attitudes.
  3. When any of this is a challenge talk to a trusted friend or adviser about it, or write in a journal. Keeping things bottled up is stressful and not good for healing and transformation.

These three practices clear energetic blocks and also start your unconscious mind percolating with delightful and unexpected insight and awareness to help you on your journey.

Decide today to take responsibility for your life no matter what. It’s the most important thing you can do for your healing, the most important commitment you will ever make and it puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own life.

Don’t think for a minute that it’s selfish. Without this commitment to yourself you can’t care for others in any meaningful way. You first. You first so you have the strength and well-being to be there for others you care about.

Right now. I invite you to get committed in a whole new way to your life and your well-being. When you take that step mind-body magic will happen. When you wait for someone else to fix it or blame someone or something for the way things are, you shut the door to miracles.

Open the door for a miracle.

Mayana Devi

2 thoughts on “Get Ready for a Miracle

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. It is uncomfortable, but those happy souls we admire do not have lives void of discomfort. Rather, they learn to befriend discomfort and continue forward with it present.

    With love,


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