I heard someone say that today’s woman isn’t worried about having it all. She’s just worried about doing what’s already on her plate without losing it! She wonders if it’s even possible, and she knows this is no way to live.

I help women with busy or complicated lives who give, give, give, and at the end of the day there’s nothing left. They’re tired. They’re overwhelmed. They can’t remember what it’s like to feel relaxed.

If this is you, I know you want room to breathe and enjoy your life. You want happiness and peace now, not sometime in the future when everything is taken care of, when you’re finally “caught up” or when your emotions settle down. As one woman said, “I have a full life. I don’t want to live in an ashram and chant Om all day.”

The Wisdom of Yoga

I’m pleased to have tools to share so others can benefit from the Ashram experience without actually having to leave their lives to do it. The deep yoga of India, with roots going back thousands of years, offers practical and time-tested guidance for achieving peace and happiness in everyday life.


When I first learned about self-care I was studying mind-body healing for my own life. That story here

I learned we need to get serious about taking care of ourselves. I learned that self-care is a powerful healing path, and we don’t have to get sick to practice it. 

Self-care is a path to health and wholeness that can be used by anyone, anywhere.  

Star_icon-15  My name is pronounced like the culture (Mayan) with a little “uh” sound on the end.  It means without illusion and I strive daily to live up to it

Star_icon-15 I am a founding member of The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga a non-profit, residential yoga community on Salt Spring Island, Canada, serving people from around the world with yoga study and community experience

Star_icon-15  I was honoured to co-author The Salt Spring Experience: Recipes for Body, Mind and Spirit (McMillan 2002) on behalf of the community

You can change your life any time you want, even when it looks impossible. I can help. 

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Mayana Williamson
Radical Forgiveness Coach
Yoga Meditation Teacher 
Infinite Possibilities Trainer
Musician, Singer, Creative Spirit