The Greatest Healer

The greatest healer is Love. (Tweet this!)

LOVE collageThe greatest healer is Love. I don’t mean someone to love you, although that’s wonderful too. I’m talking about loving. Approaching life and everyone in it with a loving heart.

This may seem like a lofty ideal, and it is! But not unattainable. It’s not only Mother Teresa and others like her who can live life from Love. It’s just that for some of us (for whatever good reason) it takes a little more attention.

So we start where we are. We move obstacles out of the way (like resentment and other difficult feelings). We invite compassion and forgiveness and joy into the newly opened space. Step by step it feels easier and more natural, until more and more we find ourselves living with ease in Love.

Love Loves Love,

Mayana Devi for blog


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