Be Yourself

You’ve heard it a million times.

Be yourself! 

Don’t get caught up trying to be something you think others want you to be.

Live each moment as you are
Tell your own truth
Live your own life
Don’t worry what others think

Love is all Around!


P.S. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but others will be steadfast in their love and appreciation of the real you. xo

You Can’t Change the Past

This is the most loving thing you can do for yourself. (Tweet!)

It can look tantalizing, it can look formidable, it can stand in the way of your happiness, and it’s the most loving thing you can do for yourself. It releases you from the past so you can live in the joy and meaning of the present.

Make peace with the fact that you absolutely can’t change the past! Learn from the past, heal the past and then step into the present. Every day becomes a joyous living of now.

Love Loves Love,

Mayana Devi

Love Yourself Now

How to love yourself Right Now! (Tweet!)

What do you love about yourself

Inside us all is some form of conflict as we develop our positive qualities and tame our negative thoughts and tendencies. Some people say it feels like a battle, while others find it more gentle than that. Most agree it takes constant vigilance.

You can make your life more peaceful by loving yourself right now just as you are. Accept that there are things you want to change and love yourself anyway. Don’t wait until you’re perfectly positive or perfectly healthy or perfectly ANYthing before you start loving all of who you are.

It’s powerful medicine.

Love Loves Love,

Mayana Devi

Kick in the Butt

Doing stuff doesn’t take very much time at all, resisting stuff… now that IS where all the time goes!! (Tweet!)

With thanks to Ramadevi May who posted this on Facebook

Do you resist doing things, putting them off until another day, another week, another month instead of just getting them done? What does that resistance cost you?

What would it take to just DO the thing? Courage? Willingness? A new thought pattern? A kick in the butt? 

Take a deep breath and just do it!

Love Loves Love,

When You Get Triggered

Try this when you get triggered (Tweet!)

Next time you get triggered over something a person says or does (and especially if it has that old, familiar feeling) try this:

Take several deep breaths and release each one like a sigh.
Ask yourself: Why am I using this to pull myself away from peace? 
Ask: What might I do instead?”
Wait quietly until something comes to you.

If nothing comes right away then gently carry the question with you through your day, staying open for an answer.

Love Loves Love,

Mayana Devi


P.S. It’s a practice. The more you do it the more it works.

When Your Thoughts are Unkind

When your thoughts are unkind. What to do with them? (Tweet!)

Norberta flower

When you have kind thoughts, everyone around you can feel it. When your thoughts are unkind people feel that too. So what to do when you’re not at your best?

Start with awareness. Simply being aware of your negative thoughts can be enough to reduce or even eliminate their effect on others as well as on you. This is very helpful!

Now you can take steps to calm your mind and choose new thoughts one step at a time.

Love Loves Love,

Mayana Devi

I won’t be needing you anymore

Dear Negativity, thanks for the help, but things have changed. (Tweet this!)

I used to wonder if affirmations could actually work. For a long time. I saw them only as band-aids on my simmering, negative thoughts. I decided that affirmations were too superficial for someone with my level of negativity.

Oh, how important I considered myself and my negativity!

Then one day it occurred to me that new, positive thoughts were only a band-aid if I IGNORED the negative thoughts and attempted to COVER THEM UP  with affirmations.

Just like that, I wasn’t afraid of those thoughts anymore.

I began looking negativity in the eye and saying, “Thanks. I’m sure you once had a purpose in my life, but things have changed and I won’t be needing you any more.”

Now I started to feel a subtle shift when I replaced one thought with another. It was becoming a practice. I didn’t worry that the same negativity might appear again. I knew it would! But I also knew my practice was weakening those thought patterns and step by step they would be eliminated.

This is how positive affirmations work. It’s joyful and it’s work. And it works! 

Love Loves Love! 

Mayana Devi

The Greatest Healer

The greatest healer is Love. (Tweet this!)

LOVE collageThe greatest healer is Love. I don’t mean someone to love you, although that’s wonderful too. I’m talking about loving. Approaching life and everyone in it with a loving heart.

This may seem like a lofty ideal, and it is! But not unattainable. It’s not only Mother Teresa and others like her who can live life from Love. It’s just that for some of us (for whatever good reason) it takes a little more attention.

So we start where we are. We move obstacles out of the way (like resentment and other difficult feelings). We invite compassion and forgiveness and joy into the newly opened space. Step by step it feels easier and more natural, until more and more we find ourselves living with ease in Love.

Love Loves Love,

Mayana Devi for blog


Love Your Feelings

Your emotions can open the door to a vibrant, joyful life. (Tweet this!)

Dear One,

All your feelings are natural, even difficult ones like grief and anger. No need to call them negative or positive, just honestly name the way you feel and then express it, because holding it in is exhausting and can make you sick.

Express in a way that’s safe and doesn’t hurt you or anyone else. Sing, move, cry, make sounds, write, draw, paint. It frees you from the pain of “holding in” and opens the door to a vibrant, joyful life.

Love Loves Love,

Mayana Devi for blog

Close Your Eyes

How can you be kind to yourself today? (Tweet this!)

What self-empathy will help you be your best self today? Close your eyes and wait for the answer. Is it kindness, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion?

When you have your answer, move into your heart, grow that feeling, and flood it through your whole being until your body sings.

Now enjoy your day 🙂

Be Love,

Mayana Devi for blog

Meditation on Love

Are you looking for ways to feel less pain and stress in your life and more peace and joy? You’re not alone.

Yoga is one of my go-to ways to create space for stress to slip away and the mind to become peaceful. It starts with asana, such a great way to start slowing down the mind as we focus on movement and breath. Then there’s meditation, yama and niyama and one of my greatest joys, chanting kirtan.

Let’s talk about meditation for a second. Through meditation we can train our easily distracted puppy-minds to be still and quiet, and experience more peace and less stress from the ups and downs of life. Through stillness your mind becomes calm, you experience the stress of life without feeling stressed, and you support your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Here is one of my favorites.

Meditation on Love and Compassion

  Picture a flame in your heart.

  See the flame filling your heart with the glow of light, love and compassion.

  Feel the glow spread outward from your heart, filling your whole body

  Now gradually fill the room… the building, your neighborhood, your city, your country, the world, the universe!

  When everything is filled with the glow of light, love and compassion, rest in that place for as long as you like.

Try doing this for five to ten minutes every day. How do you feel? What kind of difference does it make in your life?

How to Love Yourself When You Think You Can’t

heart-abstractWe know it’s important to love yourself.

You’ll be happier and healthier and you’ll have better relationships. In fact you’ll have more success with everything you do and every day will be more fun :~) But knowing is one thing, doing is another. If you struggle with the idea of looking at yourself in the mirror and saying: “I love you,” you’re not alone.

Jumping from where you are now to full-on loving yourself can be a challenge. When you look in the mirror and say, “I love you,” all the things you don’t love about yourself come flooding up and it’s hard to believe yourself.

But believing is an important part of change. Believing that you can change. And in this case believing that you can love yourself. So if saying, “I love you,” feels unbelievable then start with something smaller, start with a baby step.

It’s a short hop, skip and jump from accepting yourself to loving yourself, so we begin with acceptance.

In fact, we start with accepting one thing at a time.

Believe In Yourself, written on an yellow sticky note on a cork bulletin board

Take one thing you find unlovable about yourself and accept it. Here are a few examples of what that might be like:

You look in the mirror and see someone who’s too tall…

You’ve never liked that about yourself. You wonder how you can love yourself when you’re too tall.

(Too tall for what? And anyway, who says how tall is too tall?)

When you accept your height you accept that you can’t change it and you decide to stop tying up emotional energy by disliking what you can’t change.

You decide to put your energy into something positive.

You experiment with letting yourself be all of who you are and that includes being fabulously tall :~)

You look in the mirror and see your clothes are getting tight…

You think: “How can I love myself when I’ve been eating badly, not exercising and now I don’t even fit into my clothes?”

Ask yourself if you can change the past. The answer is no, right?

Accept that there is nothing you can do to change the past. Not with resignation, but with understanding that you made certain choices and you’re willing to be responsible for them. Starting today, make different choices if you want things to be different.

And then think of something you love about yourself right now, no matter what.

You look in the mirror and see someone with a chronic health issue…

You don’t know how it will ever resolve. You wonder, “How do I love myself with this going on?”

You accept it because it is so. You didn’t choose it, but here it is.

You accept that it gives you an opportunity for growth (I know, we never like hearing that, but it’s always true.)

Accept that the future holds possibilities for healing even if you can’t see them. Choose to be open to healing, even as you live in each moment with whatever is present in that moment.

And now think of something fabulous about you that’s true right now.

Love and Prayer Heal

My favorite doctor told me love and prayer heal. Is it any wonder he was my favorite? ♥

The healing impulse is a mystery, and we don’t always know how it works.

What we can do to help is get clear about the result we want, believe in it with our whole being, and then allow love and prayer to be part of our everyday living.

The Universe will handle the rest, with pleasure.

Love Loves Love,

Mayana Devi

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